The History of Folwark Zwierzecy

Why Folwark zwierzecy?

Animals have accompanied our family for generations. As far as I can remember a dog has always been in my home. The number of animals has begun to rise vehemently since my parents bought an old presbytery in Rzaska near Cracow. The first one was a basset, carrying the well known by the cynological milieu nickname, Tessab. My father, as a seasoned hunter, could not come to terms with the fact that it was actually a basset. Obviously, pointer would be better! And that's why, as if as a substitute for the pointer, there appeared in our home...a wiry-haired duckshund nicknamed Szajka. And then one more basset, my favourite -Vigo Wiejan. From that time, the adventure with kynology started to gain speed. It turned out that all my dogs are not only lovely but beautiful as well! I learned to work with them, which resulted in a number of medals brought from shows from all over Poland. Soon new animals appeared in my home - Siamese cats. Siblings: Ptys and Babina. Then, a miniature goat - Eska and a hedgehog - Izio came to live with us. And to crown that animal lot there came a bay mare named Aura (which, fortunately, was the only one to live outdoors). All that took place in the dark times of Orwellian reality of the early 80s. The big number of animals I owned in connection with the cult literature gave birth to FOLWARK ZWIERZECY (lit. Animal Farm) - a nickname with some political overtones, which, I cannot hide, made me very happy, by virtue of family traditions. How did Rhodesians come to Folwark Zwierzêcy? Well, that's a different story, told in section "My America"