My America

Psy w mojej rodzinie

I've had lots of adventures in my life...But this one is exceptional.

Katalog Amerykańskich Championów
Rhodesian Ridgeback

Katalog Amerykańskich Championów
The rhodesian
I've had lots of adventures in my life...But this one is exceptional. The adventure with America. It began in 1989 when I visited it for the first time, mostly for scientific reasons. I went there for 6 months and came back...after 4 years, years as beautiful as America is. The visit resulted in absolute delight in the kynology of the region. The fascination is still alive today, by the way. Watching American dog shows I met a breed totally unknown in Poland then. Rhodesian Ridgeback, for this is the breed I'm talking about, gained my absolute admiration instantly! A kind of "love at first sight"...

My delight increased as I was gathering more and more information on these extraordinary dogs. Since in Poland I already had a home full of animals and the work I was doing in the States at that time didn't encourage having a dog, Rhodesians had to wait for a more suitable time in my kynological biography. Nevertheless, the seed was sewn! From that time, I started following carefully the achievements of the leading American kennels. I was watching closely, until I formed a deep conviction that I had to own a Rhodesian carrying Kwetu bloodlines. I have succeeded! But before it happened, in 1997 I had become the owner of a dog with Danish pedigree - Munyati Zaki Kananga. It was only in 1999 when finally my dream came true: I imported to Poland, and at the same time to Europe (!), the first bitch with KWETU pedigree: Kwetu's Zizi Mafungabusi. Matching two totally different genetic lines - Danish and American - gave great breeding effects. In 2001 and 2002 my puppies were born. From the second litter I kept for myself a beautiful bitch named Zulia Zimo Folwark Zwierzecy. Both she and all the other show dogs (and what's more, from both litters!) are successful on Polish and European shows. It is well known, however, that the more you eat, the more hungry you become. The next idea was to import from the U.S.A to Poland a dog with an equally noble background as Zizi. To carry out that plan I was helped by the most famous Ridgeback expert in the world, Mrs Barbara Sawyer-Brown. Robert Russell's Parnassus kennel, which was chosen for me by Barbara, has been successful in the rings all over America for years. It also works in close cooperation with Kwetu kennel. In December 2003, on Christmas, my long coveted Jupiter of Parnassus appeared in my home. As one should learn from the best, in February 2004 I set off on a cynological journey to My America. During that unforgettable trip a thing I had been dreaming of for many years happened: I befriended Barbara Sawyer-Brown and her husband Arthur I was invited to their original house where my dogs' family lives. I had a close look, I touched, stroked and greeted from Zizi and Jupiter literally all the dogs there were! The extremely friendly hosts showed me the trophies and their dogs' show achievements. How nice to find oneself in a house where for 30 years most outstanding Rhodesians have been bred! During my stay in the States I also witnessed two international shows in Chicago. And another enchantment there! KWETU MAHUBAH'S FAIR PLAY - the most titled Ridgeback in the United States! And at the same time...My Jupiter's father. Exceptionally beautiful!!! Charming owners, great handler - Diane, who handled him most beautifully in the world. By the way, later I had the opportunity of visiting her King's Kennels, where they lead a dog handling school with her brother. I participated in one of the trainings, where I presented two very titled Rhodesians. Extraordinary feeling, I swear!

Oh yes! One more pleasure awaited me there: I was in Brookfield, at Roberta Russell's place, who has bred my sweet Jupiter. I spent an exceptionally nice evening, surrounded by nice people and very beautiful dogs!

To prevent me from feeling dizzy from the excessive thrills, my sister - Basia, took care of my visit to the States. It was she who had carefully planned and directed all those excessive thrills, in tandem with our mutual friend - Malgosia Korzeniowska.

Now I know that I WANT TO continue the work of the best American breeders. Being the owner of such fantastic dogs, it simply does not become otherwise. I must have in MY POLAND at least a bit of MY AMERICA...

Life is going on. My daughter Julka have visited My America and took part in Waukesha Dog Show, Wisconsin. She has met Jupiter’s of Parnassus father, great Kwetu Mahubah’s Fair Play. There was present Jupiter’s breeder Dr Robert Russell. All You can see on included photos. So, new kynological generation is growing, wow!