Dogs in my family

Psy w mojej rodzinie
My Grandgrandfather with his familly and ...dogs, of course...

"I remember, Julia, called Lula, born in 1866, was a spinster till her forties and kept house in Zbylitowska Góra. At that time, one winter day, she went for a walk by the Dunajec river, obviously with the dogs, as it was a family passion. All the backwaters near the Dunajec were covered with ice then. While she was crossing such a frozen backwater, the ice broke down and auntie Lula was close to drowning. One of the dogs, a Saint Bernard named Bari, ran to the manor and pulled at and pestered people so long as they realized that something had happened, and got help which let auntie Lula off the hook. My grandmother, when she had learned about it, kissed the dog solemnly on the paw." - so was my grandfather writing in his diary.
Love for animals is a "genetic burden" carried by generations, transmitted by grandfathers and great grandfathers to children and grandchildren. It is a feature that is dominant so strongly that there is no fear of its dying out in next generations. Fortunately, I come from a family in which dogs have been present forever! They accompanied my forefathers everywhere: omnipresent, indispensable and necessary to live. How many have there been? Judging from the 600-year-old family tradition, unbelievably many. I know only of those, about which I have read in my ancestors' memoirs, from the period of the last 150 years. There have also remained my grandparents and parents' stories, as well as photographs, some of which you can watch on this website.





Folwark Zwierzecy Hodowla Psów rasy Rhodesian Ridgeback
Manor-house in Zbylitowska Gora, habitat of my ancestors for 600 years. Stolen by comunists in 1944